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News Article

Batlord Unearths 'Death by Woman' Download

Old-school 'mortuary rock' outfit Batlord – an indie quartet known worldwide for using vintage instruments to create a retro-fitted, gothic/psychedelic garage-rock sound – recently held a series of events in the LA area to mark the release of their new album Death by Woman, the sequel to their cult hit Music to be Buried To. The digital version of that album is now available for download... more details below the fold!

Batlord modestly compare their sound to “the soundtrack for Dracula simultaneously humping Vampire and The Bride of Frankenstein on a cold stone floor with Lily Munster bound, gagged, stripped, suspended upside down and forced to hang there, blindfolded, listening during a thunderstorm on a fog-laden, muggy Transylvanian night...” and the description gets kinda weird after that. But enough of my fantasies, let's get to the new stuff.

Death by Woman made its debut Halloween week, when the band rolled out the new tracks on KLOS 95.5 as part of the Mark & Brian Halloween Party Tape, and performed the songs live at various LA venues like Spikes and the Key Club. This week the MP3 version of the album is available for download for 13 bucks via PayPal at the official Batlord site. Plans for a physical CD have not yet been disclosed, but given the groovy packaging for Music to be Buried To, I expect it should be pretty sick.

Check out the video for their new single Destination Death right here!