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News Article

'Batman 3' News!


The Dark Knight Rises will be Christopher Nolan's third Batman film.  I dig it; how about you?  He also told the L.A. Times a few other juicy tidbits.  Read on to find out.

Christopher Nolan, notoriously tight-lipped about projects, would give up a few morsels as to what wouldn't be in The Dark Knight Rises: the Riddler.  Critics and fans alike have speculated that Riddler would be the next logical villain.  Logic be damned, Chris Nolan isn't doing it!  Mr. Freeze also is not a candidate.

Nolan was eager to talk about the fact that he won't be shooting in 3D.  Warner Bros. was on Nolan's side about the technology.  Instead, Nolan will utilize high-def and IMAX, much like he did with The Dark Knight.