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News Article

BBC Gets In On the Zombie Action With 'In the Flesh'


BBC Three is launching a new three-part series called In the Flesh which can be best described as The Walking Dead with the political currents of True Blood. Thousands of the dead suddenly rise from the grave, but once the panic settles down, Great Britain sets about rehabilitating the undead so they can reenter society. The government even passes legislation protecting those with PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) from discrimination. But like so many minorities, PDS sufferers are not welcomed back into society.

The series follows a young PDS man named Kieran who tries to return to his family in a small village, only to discover it is a hotbed of HVF (Human Volunteer Force - the undead equivalent to the KKK) activity.

Right now, the series is only airing on BBC Three, but hopefully it will come to BBC America soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy these clips and PSA-style ads.


Source: BBC Three