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News Article

Be a Restaurant-Roving Reaper in ‘Darksiders II: Soul Harvest’



THQ and Vigil Games’ Darksiders II is less than a month away, but those eager to take up the scythe of Death can do so with an unexpected handheld harvester: their iPhone.

Darksiders II: Soul Harvest is an interesting app—not quite a game—that allows you to harvest souls from local businesses and landmarks, then trade these harvested souls in for various virtual goodies, ranging from iPhone wallpapers to an in-game weapon for Darksiders II when it releases.

Once you get past the unintentional absurdity of this infernal Foursquare, harvesting the damned ether residing at the Olive Garden, there’s a rather addictive quality to the app, especially with the lure of virtual goodies, as well as the extensive library of promotional art and videos for the upcoming brawler.

Darksiders II: Soul Harvest can be downloaded for free in the App Store.