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News Article

Be Your Own Mushroomhead!


In response to countless unauthorized knock-offs of the creepy masks worn by most of their band members, horror-centric metallers Mushroomhead have decided to sell authentic reproductions of the masks directly to fans, and they’re now setting up a new site for that purpose. The band let a few curious hints slip out on the site-in-progress, and we’ve recapped that info here. Click on through and find out more!

Through their own company Filthy Hands, Mushroomhead will be selling handmade replicas of the band’s movie-quality latex stage masks – variations of which include pig’s heads, skull-faced cowls and other freaky oddities – all poured from the original molds sculpted by David H. Greathouse, with painting contributions by other artists – including band members themselves. Masks will come in several versions, with the “ultra-deluxe” models being virtually identical to those worn by the band, including accessories like headphones, dreadlocks and helmets.

Although they’ve sold a few masks at their concerts in the past, the band decided to go into full-on production after discovering tons of low-quality fakes being circulated on eBay and other sites.

The new site, oddly enough called, is still under construction, but the band encourages those interested in getting their own mask to sign on to the band’s mailing list at, through which updates for available mask designs will be announced – ensuring that aspiring ‘shroom-heads out there can get their orders in pronto, since supplies will be limited.