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Beckinsale in Talks for New Genre Adaptation


Kate BeckinsaleAs of now, Kate Beckinsale isn’t brining Selene back for another round of vampire-werewolf wars, but she is in talks for a new film from The Call’s Brad Anderson.

The actress is reported to be negotiating a starring role in Eliza Graves, a psych-thriller based on Edgar Allan Poe’s early work, The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether.

“Beckinsale will play the title character of Eliza, a patient at a mental institution in which the inmates have taken over and are posing as doctors. She becomes the object of affection of a newly arrived Harvard Medical School grad who has no idea of the topsy-turvy world he just entered,” The Hollywood Reporter said.

This is not the first time The System of Doctor Tarr has been adapted for the screen. S.F. Brownrigg’s The Forgotten, Juan López Moctezum’s The Mansion of Madness, and surrealist Jan Švankmajer’s film Lunacy, are all at least loosely based on the story.

The movie will begin production in June, no word on other cast members yet.

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