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'Beetlejuice' Lives on in a New York City Apartment


I love that we live in a world where there is an insane fan for everything. Because if we didn't, we wouldn't have the Beetlejuice Museum.

Started by New Yorker Bruce Christensen in 1991, the term "museum" may be a bit generous. Currently featuring 80 "artifacts," the Beetlejuice Museum is Christensen's personal collection of merchendise and memorabilia from Tim Burton's 1988 film. The "museum" was more of a display of Christensen's goodies set up in his tiny studio apartment.

Some of Christensen's artifacts include action figures, apparel, a beach towel, books and comics, and even a six pack of Beetlejuice wine coolers from Amsterdam. Bruce also dresses in a homemade Beetlejuice costume with a joyful frequency.

It is not clear if the Beetlejuice Museum is currently open to the public, but you can check out the official Beetlejuice Museum webpage to learn more.