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Behemoth Reveal 'Lucifer' Behind-the-Scenes Pix


Recently we dropped some hints about Behemoth's upcoming video "Lucifer," a project that's sure to bring all the controversy you've come to know and love from the Polish extreme-metal trio. The band has issued another update from the completed shoot, and this time they've thrown in some eerie photos from the set, including a few of the demonic characters populating the clip. Go below to see the images and find out more about the production, including comments from the filmmakers and Behemoth frontman Nergal...

More than eight minutes long, the epic closing track to the band's latest album Evangelion will be matched with a colossal visual treatment, according to Dariusz Szermanowicz from production team Grupa 13 (who also created the band's shocking clip for "Alas, Lord is Upon Me").

"'Lucifer' is a song that completes the visual concept of the Evangelion album," he explained in the band's latest news update. "The evolution of the script was long and stormy, but in the end it surprised us with lots of last minute changes and new energy in the ideas." The video was shot entirely in a studio environment, and is divided into multiple "episodes," but the storyline remains a mystery.

"We wouldn't like to disclose the plot now," says Szermanowicz. "I can only say that this clip will be different from the previous ones. However, some elements, symbols and atmosphere continue the stories which have been told in the previous music videos."

Nergal was amazed at the evolution of the song's concept and story through his collaboration with the Grupa 13 team. "Every time we force ourselves to come up with even crazier ideas," he commented. "This time we really made it very artistic and still very disturbing. There's plenty of metaphors and symbolism in this video... the story is even more diverse, fucked up and out of control."

"Lucifer" is now in the editing stage, with an eye toward a September release. Keep watching these pages for the final product!