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Behind the Epic Soundtrack for 'BioShock 2'

BioShock 2, the just-released sequel to the massively popular 2007 videogame, features a cinematic soundtrack courtesy of composer Garry Schyman and an impressive lineup of Hollywood music talent. According to a behind-the-scenes article from ScoringSessions, BioShock 2 will contain nearly an hour of new music. Read on to find out how you can preview some cool audio samples from the game...

Returning to the dystopian world of Rapture ten years after the events of the original, BioShock 2 finds bio-mechanical hero Big Daddy on a new quest to find his “pair-bonded” Little Sister and stop Sofia Lamb and her minions from destroying the city. The game is available now for PS3 and Xbox 360, and like its predecessor, it features an emotionally powerful soundtrack featuring a full orchestra.

ScoringSessions captured several images from the studio recording sessions, which features a 60-piece ensemble and several talented soloists including violin, cello and piano. Schyman, who composed and recorded the original BioShock score, assembled the musicians in separate sections last year. Follow this link to see images from those sessions and play four different music cues from the game, including the BioShock 2 theme Pairbond.