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News Article

Behold Wormface Concept Art from 'Rites of Spring'


Director Padraig Reynolds' much talked about festival favorite Rites of Spring is due out in theaters and available Nationwide on IFC Midnight Cable VOD and Digital Outlets on July 27th. Creepy concept art pieces for the film's way-cool creature Wormface have just landed online. Check them out below, along with a photo of makeup effects artist Toby Sells with the Wormface mask.

The above images, along with a terrific interview with Reynolds and Sells, can be found on Next week I'll have my interview with star AJ Bowen up here on FEARnet. In the mean time, here's the synopsis for Rites of Spring...

A group of kidnappers abduct the daughter of a wealthy socialite and hide out in an abandoned school in the middle of the woods.  But feelings of guilt soon overtake the kidnappers, dividing the group and putting their entire plan in jeopardy.  The evening further spirals out of control when their poorly chosen hideout becomes a hunting ground for a mysterious creature that requires springtime ritualistic sacrifices.