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'Being Human' Season Two Autopsy

I have been conflicted over whether or not I liked this season of Being Human. I was pleased that season two avoided virtually all the plot points that the original British Being Human had. This was a huge bone of contention with me in the first season, as entire scenes were lifted directly from the British show. 

The sophomore season of the Syfy Channel show had more depth and more direction. Each episode wasn't just a one-off; a snippet of life as a supernatural being. The characters had strife they had to deal with. Some of it was a little annoying (Sally's split personality); some of it was better thought out (the whole Josh / Nora / purebreds thing). But there were real consequences to whatever decisions they made - good and bad.

I think the biggest problem I have had with this season was that it was mopey-dark. Dark is great; mopey-dark makes me think of high school girls cutting themselves while listening to Bauhaus. A large part of the problem is that our three main characters - Aidan, Sally, and Josh - had very little to do with one another this season. Each episode had a scene with at least two of them in it, but it almost felt obligatory. The highlight of Being Human is the chemistry between leads Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, and Sam Huntington. No matter how dark or absurd a situation is, the three of them together bring about a sly humor that isn't just in the dialogue, but in the timing and intonation. 

My favorite episode this season was the one where Aidan and Josh are trying to exorcise Sally. It was a simple episode, and the focus was on the three leads (well, technically, just Aidan and Josh, as Sally was kinda possessed at the time). It's one of those rare, hard to describe things, but there is some serious magic between those three. That is what made season one stand out; without that chemistry, it would have just been Being Human UK with American accents. 

So there you have it. Better plots. Worse characterizations. I am hoping that season three will find a better balance between the two.