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Best of 2011: Non-Genre TV Gets Scary

This year had more genre TV than any other in recent memory. And where there is success, there is someone to cash in on it. A lot of non-genre TV is jumping on the scary bandwagon. Even advertising firms are using scare tactics to sell their wares. Since not everyone can devote themselves to copious hours of television like I do, I have selected seven of the spookiest, most clever horror-related TV moments from the least likely places this year, and compiled them into one place for you. Enjoy.

Saturday Night Live - "Amusement Park Ride"

When I first saw this clip, it was only about four seconds in before I thought, "What the hell is this?" Before the "animatronic" Merryville Brothers even come to life and attack the ride patrons, Taran Killam, Bill Hader, and host Jim Carrey do a frightfully good job acting like robot-puppets. Their facial expressions are devious, especially Hader, which makes his triangle ding all the more ominous.  

Toshiba - Zombie Commercial

I love that Toshiba equates leaving an "impact-smart hard drive" out of their products to a zombie apocalypse. It's the kind of circular logic that makes perfect sense to me.

Rob Zombie's Woolite Commercial

Two proper nouns I never imagined I would say in the same day, let alone the same article. And yet, he did and it is pure Zombie. I don't remember ever seeing it on television (and I watch a lot of television) but luckily, that is what YouTube is for.

The Cleveland Show - "A Nightmare on Grace Street"

Competition between Cleveland and his stepson Rallo over who is a bigger scaredy-cat is the A-story here, but it is the B-story that captured my attention more. Cleveland's stepdaughter Roberta falls for Edwin, the new kid in school, convinced he is a vampire. She throws herself off a cliff, assuming that Edwin will save her, but she is instead rescued by Caleb. Convinced Caleb is a werewolf, Roberta is eager for them to fight over her, but the clueless teenager can't read the signs. When they go into a bedroom to "fight" over her, they are really having sex.

Snickers "Focus Group" Commercial

It's not really scary unless you have a fear of sharks, but it is hella funny.

The Simpsons - "Treehouse of Horror XXII"

This year's "Treehouse of Horror" was a little underwhelming, with a segment spoofing Avatar and another where Homer can only communicate via gas. But the middle segment casts Ned Flanders in a hilarious, spot-on spoof of Dexter

South Park - "HUMANCENTiPAD"

Frankly, I am shocked it took South Park this long to spoof The Human Centipede, but it was worth the wait. Crossed with a strong mocking of Apple, "HUMANCENTiPAD" is the apex of gross-out comedy.