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Best of 2011: TV Kills


Kills are always the most anticipated part of any horror film - or television show. Luckily, with the wealth of genre shows out there, we are at no loss for fantastic, memorable deaths. I've pulled my ten favorite TV kills this year. Some are the goriest; some are the most imaginative; some are simply poignant. Did I leave any out?

Being Human Episode 111 - Michelle

In an episode littered with dozens of kills, Michelle's stands out for no other reason than she was pregnant. Abducted by Bishop and served up as a special feast for the Dutch elders, Michelle is prone on the dinner table, her enormous belly carrying twins protruding like a mountain. Aidan, in a rage, throws the table across the room and with it Michelle - and her fetuses. 

Dexter Episode 601 - Migrant Worker

Dexter really had some of the most inventive kills of the year. In the season opener, a farm stand worker is killed, his entrails are found in his farm stand scale. The body doesn't show up until a day later, and his evisceration wound has been sewn up - with the cultish Alpha Omega symbol stitching him closed. But the stitches are not healing stitches; they are there to hide a toy surprise inside: seven tiny new-to-the-world snakes. It is a gruesome human piñata with no winners. Maybe The Human Piñata can be Tom Six's next project.

Dexter Episode 604 - Nathan

The season isn't over yet, but the Doomsday Killer has had some pretty awesome kills this season, like Nathan. He is dismembered, with body parts divided up and sewn together with a mannequin to create two freakishly disjointed figures, tethered to horses and let loose to ride through the city. I can't even imagine what my reaction would be if I were out and about one day, and saw that. Even if it was all mannequin parts, it's still freaky, the way the joints hang limply.

Dexter Episode 604 - Erin

Another amazing death this season was the girl strung up like an angel. More that being gory, it was pure spectacle. Still alive, she was bound and gagged and hung from the ceiling of a greenhouse. A spiked collar adorned her neck and, for added pain, her arms - spikes facing in, of course. When the trap is tripped, the girl drops into the spikes, severing the jugular and ensuring a speedy death. When the woman drops into the spikes, her arms extend out to either side, unfurling white fabric to create wings. 

Fringe Episode 312 - Warren Blake

As the result of a biological weapon test gone horribly wrong (or horribly right, depending on your viewpoint here), Warren Blake is reduced to a puddle of goo on the floor. Upon inhalation of this chemical, it attacks the bones, disintegrating them in minutes. So while the organs are left in tact, there is no structure to hold the body up - hence the puddling. It makes me think of a half-inflated blow-up doll.

Supernatural Episode 619 - The residents of Grant's Pass, Oregon

Eve (aka the mother of all evil) blows into a small town in Oregon and makes it her mission to spread disease, pestilence, death, and destruction. Dozens die in this episode; maybe more. If the infection Eve is spreading doesn't kill them, then turning them all into monster half-breeds and letting each them tear each other apart does.

True Blood Episode 402 - Sophie-Anne

After last year's blood-soaked season, this season of True Blood was surprisingly dry. Queen Sophie-Anne's death was fun, though brief. In a long shot, you see a wooden bullet rip through Sophie-Anne's chest, leaving an airborne trail of blood in its wake. The explosion of blood and goo first goes up, then out, soaking Bill and everyone else in the room.

Vampire Diaries Episode 214 - Some Werewolves

There are a lot of hearts getting ripped out of chests in The Vampire Diaries, but in this episode, Elijah does it not once, not twice, but thrice, to a trio of werewolf goons, and with his bare hands. The last two he double-fists.

Vampire Diaries Episode 301 - Two Random Girls

Stefan's reintroduction to feeding on live victims is rote. Fangs, neck, bite, scream. The aftermath is much more interesting. Damon and Alaric find the girls on the couch in the Salvatore home. Alaric doesn't seem to "get" it, so Damon explains: when Stefan is full-on Ripper, he tends to tear his victim apart, then blacks out. Upon waking, he is consumed with remorse, so he reassembles the bodies into as natural a position as possible. In this case, Stefan's victims are propped up against each other in an awkward, drunken huddle on the couch - until Damon nudges one with his foot, and her head slides to the floor.

Walking Dead 207 - Sophia

While not particularly violent or grotesque, Sophia's kill was intense. This entire season has been devoted to finding the lost little girl. The easy, cheesy, "network TV" way to round out the storyline would have been to find the girl holed up in a tiny cave or cubby somewhere, malnourished but alive. But not The Walking Dead. The survivors find Sophia, and she is very much a zombie. Rick steps up to the plate, takes aim, and with little hesitation, shoots her dead.