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News Article

The Best of SXSW 2011

Though it seems like it just started, our weary reporters are on their way back from SXSW.  Though the festival rages on throughout the week, we've got stories to file.  Fret not, for our memories will last a lifetime.  And if you partied to much to have many memories, FEARnet has you covered.  We've gathered up some of our best interviews, reviews, photos, and frontline reports for you to enjoy.  Hit the jump, and enjoy the stroll down very-recent-memory lane.

We've got Ti West talking about ghost hunting and Dee Wallace Stone for The Innkeepers, plus a photo gallery of the premiere.    Joe Cornish talks creature features, muggings, and his creature/mugging flick Attack the BlockEvan Glodell opens up about his directorial debut, Bellflower.

Eager for the chance to see some of the fest's flicks?  Check out reviews of Kill List, Little Deaths and Insidious and preview the trailers from genre and almost-genre films.  Reflect on SXSW of years past with some of the biggest films to emerge from the festival - and biggest flicks that have yet to emerge.

Finally, if you are short on time, check out our ‘Midnight Shorts' roundup and reports from days one (which film snagged the biggest buzz?), two (which film opened with a beer shotgunning relay?), and three (which film caused walk outs?).