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Bigas Luna, Director of 'Anguish' Dies at 67


AnguishBigas Luna, who is known to many for kick starting the careers of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, died after a long battle with cancer in his home in Spain.

Genre fans know Luna for his film Anguish, starring tiny terror Zelda Rubinstein and Michael Lerner. Luna’s extrememly meta Anguish intertwines a movie-within-a-movie. Viewers watch theatergoers watch another film called The Mommy, that features yet another film within it: the silent movie The Lost World.

In The Mommy, mother and son, John and Alice have a unique relationship that includes hypnosis and cutting out victims’ eyes. Alice can hear what John hears and control him telepathically, forcing him to do all sorts of atrocious things on a killing spree. The film preys upon viewers' public space paranoia, referencing classic genre films including Hitchcock’s The Birds and Psycho as well as Bunuel and Dali’s Un Chien Andalou.

Watch the trailer below.