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Bits N' Pieces: Cannes Day 1


Cannes is not exactly a hotbed of horror. With no genre flicks in competition, we look towards the market and special screenings to see what goodies we can look forward to.

Terminator Reboot on the Horizon?

The Terminator could make an appearance at Cannes. The film - whose reboot rights were picked up at a bankruptcy auction - was all set to be purchased by Lionsgate, but "prestige" production company Annapurna has also put in a bid. It all gets very technical, but says it could be on the market at Cannes. 


Take a Trip to the Moon

The biggest disappointment for me in not attending Cannes is missing a restored version of A Trip to the Moon. This 1902 film, directed by Georges Melies, is widely considered to be the first-ever sci-fi/fantasy film. The 14 minute film, based on a story by Jules Verne, features astounding practical and in-camera effects that hold up even today. A hand-tinted reel was discovered in 1993, and the film has been going through a frame-by-frame restoration ever since. My only hope now is DVD.


Host Your Own Mini-Cannes

Bloody Disgusting has culled together five horror flicks that are part of the Cannes market. We really like Vampires in Venice (trailer below); check out the rest at