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Bits n' Pieces: Toronto International Film Festival 2012


It's festival season, but let's be honest: the Venice Film Festival is a little too hoity-toity to care about our favorite genre. You know who isn't? The Toronto International Film Festival. TIFF is welcoming to all films and genres, from fright films to awards-contenders.

Here is some of the stuff you might have missed at TIFF:

Eli Roth Goes Big

Lots going on with Eli. He has signed on to produce Ti West's next film, a "mainstream" piece called The Sacrament. Dimension will be picking up two more Roth projects for distribution. The first is Aftershock, an earthquake thriller co-written by Roth, Nicolas Lopez, and Guillermo Amoedo. Roth also stars in the flick, about criminally insane inmates who escape when their prison is demolished. The second is Clown, a project Roth became involved with based off a fan-made trailer (see it below). Roth is only producing on Clown.


RastaFEARian is an indie thriller starring Christian Slater about an out-of-control film producer who will do anything to get his production off the ground. Directed by Sara Lohman (Welcome Back Satan), RastaFEARian is described as being in the vein of American Psycho, and will be distributed by Canadian outlet 108 Media.


Spike Lee's long-awaited American remake of Chan-wook Park's Korean vengeance flick Oldboy has been picked up for distribution by FilmDistrict. Lee's version stars Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen.

Primal Screen

A new niche horror distribution label has emerged from TIFF: Primal Screen. An off-shoot of Screen Media Films, Primal Screen will develop, produce, and distribute genre titles. Screen Media has been responsible for the distribution of genre flicks like FDR: American Badass, I Sell the Dead, and Night of the Living Dead 3D: Reanimation.

Drafthouse Goes North

Our favorite Austin theater-turned-film-champion-turned-distributor is expanding up. Drafthouse Films has hooked up with Canadian outfit Films We Like to bring Drafthouse-distributed films to the Great White North. This deal includes theatrical, home video, and multiplatform releases. Some of the films that have already been signed are The Ambassador, an "expose of blood-diamond smuggling in Central Africa" and Wrong, the new film by weirdo-director Quentin Dupieux (Rubber).