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Bits n' Pieces: Toronto International Film Festival 2012 - Wrap-Up


Now that TIFF has wrapped up, let's take a peek at what has happened on the scary side of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie's next film, Lords of Salem, has been picked up for U.S. distribution by Anchor Bay. The film stars Sherri Moon Zombie as a DJ who plays a record, thinking it is from a new local band, only to discover that Salem's tortured history is trying to return to the modern era.

Come Out and Play

Cinedigm will distribute Come Out and Play from director Makinov. An expectant couple vacations on a remote island before their baby is born, only to discover there are no adults on the island, and their idyllic vacation is turned upside down as they try to figure out where the adults went. Cinedigm will put Come Out and Play into theaters in early 2013 before setting up a DVD, digital download, and on demand distribution.


Interview With the Vampire director Neil Jordan returns to bloodsuckers with Byzantium, a flick following a mother-daughter vampire duo. IFC Films will distribute.

Dead Before Dawn 3D

This Canadian indie flick about kids who unwittingly unleash an evil curse that causes people to kill themselves, then return as zombies, was picked up for distribution by Gaiam Vivendi. Christopher Lloyd stars; April Mullen directs.

Dark Hollow

Raven Banner Entertainment in Canada is handling worldwide sales for Dark Hollow, based on the novel by Brian Keene. In the novel, strange occurances - women disappearing, mysterious fires - turn out to be due to Pan's return to Earth. Paul Campion will direct the project, which will begin this spring.


This Norwegian thriller follows a mythical tailed female called a huldra who is discovered in a basement by a crime scene clean-up crew. She has been there for decades, has no idea why she is there, but it appears someone is returning for her. Aleksander L. Nordaas directed the film, which was picked up for Stateside distribution by XLrator Media.

You're Next

Technically, this flick from director Adam Wingard premiered at TIFF in 2011, but it is only just now getting a distribution deal. The film, about a family reunion interrupted by animal-masked psychopaths, was picked up by Lionsgate and will see a theatrical release on August 23rd, 2013.