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News Article

Black Friday = Zombie Apocalypse


Insane sales and even more insane shoppers have made Black Friday so legendary it is almost slapstick (except for the handful or morons every year who injure or kill people for a $4 toaster.) Legions of bargain-hunters wake up in the middle of the night to wait in line and are herded into stores that are so crowded they can barely shuffle along. Sound familiar?

Yes friends, Black Friday is inching ever closer to becoming the zombie apocalypse. George Romero saw this day coming when he made Dawn of the Dead in 1978. Often seen as a statement on the gross consumerism of America, the entire movie takes place in a mall. A comedy group called Original Comedy has used Romero's zombies to advertise this year's most insane Black Friday deals. 

Bonus: This is my new favorite meme.