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Black Sabbath Horror Film Franchise in the Works?


In a weird turn of events, UK's Guardian Online reports that original Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is about to launch his own horror movie series... not surprisingly titled Black Sabbath. Or maybe it is kinda surprising after all, since at the time of this writing, original frontman and incoherent Reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne is in the process of dragging his former bandmate to court over the use of the Black Sabbath name, despite the fact that Iommi successfully trademarked that title in the US nearly a decade ago. But enough of the legal crap... what about the flicks? Jump through and read on!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Iommi is laying out plans for the Black Sabbath horror franchise with producer Mike Fleiss, who was involved in both Hostel films and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot, as well as the far more horrifying TV series The Bachelor (okay, not technically horror, but it scared the hell out of me). Apparently the films will not be about the band itself, but will use the name “as a jumping-off point.” Tony didn't explain what that meant, but thankfully he is planning to contribute original music to the films' soundtracks, which is a definite plus.

But it's starting to sound like the coming legal battle could threaten to put the kibosh on the whole plan... at least under the Black Sabbath title, which you'd figure is the series' big selling point. It seems Osbourne is of the opinion that all of the original band members should own equal shares of the name. Hard to say which way this one's gonna fall, so we're not holding our collective breaths. But ya never know...