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Black Sabbath Reunion Closer to Reality?


According to an interview with Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi in UK metal mag Terrorizer, the legendary band's original lineup – Iommi, frontman Ozzy Osbourne, bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Bill Ward – recently met for a casual jam session to play several of their classic songs, adding a little bit more fuel to the ongoing rumor that the band might be game for an official reunion. It's still hard to tell at this point, but this sounds like a step in the right direction. Hit the jump for more info...

Iommi has been doing a lot of press for his forthcoming book Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven And Hell With Black Sabbath, which is set to hit bookstores on November 1st. More recently he's gone from debunking rumors of a possible band reunion (which originally started with an article in local UK paper The Birmingham Mail), to revealing that all the original members are still interested in doing something together... but he's not ready to make an official announcement for fear of disappointing fans if it falls apart. In the new Terrorizer article, he revealed that the band has actually teamed up to rehearse some of the old Sabbath hits, which sounds promising, considering the friction between Tony and Ozzy back in 2009 over ownership of the band's name, as well as Ward's recent health issues.

"To be together again was great," Iommi said. "We're all on good terms and we're at a stage where we can play together again. It would be good if we could and I suppose it's the closest it's been to be able to do that. It could happen!"

Time will tell if this comes to pass... but rest assured, if it does come true, you'll hear about it right here.