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Black Tide's Zakk Shares His Fave Horror Flicks

Miami-based old school metallers Black Tide first gained the admiration of the head-banging populace when they scored a sweet spot at Ozzfest 2007, opening for Lamb of God and Lordi on the main stage – all this when many of the band members were still in their teens – and later touring with metal heavyweights like Avenged Sevenfold, Lacuna Coil and Bleeding Through. Their debut album Light From Above followed shortly after to great critical praise, and they've been kicking more ass this year with the release of their second record Post Mortem and the companion EP Al Ciero (which contains Spanish versions of three Post Mortem tracks).

After proving their genre cred with a bloody animated series based on their track "Warriors of Time" (a song which also made it into the dark fantasy game Legendary), the band upped the ante again this summer with a live performance at San Diego Comic-Con, so I knew I had to dig even deeper into the band's taste for horror... and I finally hit gold. Bassist & backing vocalist Zachary "Zakk" Sandler is a huge fan, and he kindly offered up a list of his all-time fave fear-flicks, which includes some timeless classics and a couple of curious surprises. Check it out below, along with a video of the band performing their song "That Fire" live at Comic-Con!


"One of the most classic slasher films of all time... there's nothing scarier than he idea of a psycho who has escaped from a mental institution to go on a killing spree."
The Exorcist

"There's something so deeply disturbing about a twelve-year old girl being possessed. One of the most chilling and horrifying film experiences ever, and definitely not for the faint-hearted."

"Technically this is as much a comedy as it is a horror movie, but I thought it was both scary and hilarious. Plus, I was highly entertained by Jennifer Aniston's movie debut."
Silence of the Lambs

"A serial killer profiling a Serial Killer? What could be creepier than that? I now know why Hannibal Lecter was voted as best movie villain of all time."
Friday The 13th

"A classic horror movie that also feels like a very scary campfire story. This movie definitely kept me on my toes!"

"Mind-blowing... this movie continued to haunt me for weeks after I watched it. Not only one of the scariest, but one of the greatest films ever made."

"This is one of the most disturbing and gruesome films I've seen. A killer forcing his victims to play sick games in exchange for their survival is a sick, twisted idea for a horror film... and it's awesome."
Dee Snider's StrangeLand

"A very sadistic and disturbing movie that will probably discourage everyone from talking to strange people on the internet. Definitely one of the more twisted movies I've seen."
Stephen King's IT

"What could be more terrifying than a child-eating clown? This movie unquestionably gave me nightmares as a kid."

Before you go, check out the band performing their single "That Fire" at this summer's Comic-Con (and watch them sticker-bomb a few random con attendees). The audio comes from the actual live performance, so you can hear how incredibly tight these cats play...