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Black Widow Spiders Continue to Invade Bags of Grapes


spider in grapes

Last month we told you about a Michigan family who discovered a black widow spider hanging out in a bag of grapes they picked up from their local grocery store, which all you grape eaters out there probably hoped would turn out to be an isolated incident.  If you do happen to have a taste for grapes then you might want to skip this post, because the black widows seem to be big fans of your favorite fruit too...

As reported by the Huffington Post, the Michigan family's horrifying discovery was most definitely not an isolated incident, as spiders have been found in bags of grapes all across the country in the last few weeks.  Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin have each had similar cases of late, with the most recent one coming out of Pennsylvania.  Yvonne Whalen got the shock of her life last Thursday when her fingers brushed up against something ususual as she washing a batch of red grapes, soon thereafter being met with the horrifying sight of a giant spider leg crawling atop the fruit she was mere seconds away from consuming.

The venomous breed of spider has been known to spin its web in grape vineyards, which would explain why they've been ending up getting packaged along with the grapes.  Black widows are used on many farms to keep other insects at bay, and since farmers are cutting back on using pesticides these days, they now have the freedom to leave the farms and head into your home.

I'm not sure what's scarier; fruit covered in pesticides or fruit covered in spiders - all I know is, I'm done with grapes... FOREVER!