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The Bloody Best of the 'True Blood' Panel

I'm fairly sure you don't care about how many people were on Team Eric or Team Bill at yesterday's True Blood Comic-Con panel. So let's cut through the mushy bullshit and get right to the hardcore gore - and a little gratuitous nudity, of course.

True Blood creator Alan Ball may not have given this tidbit away, were it not for a shout from the audience: "Kill that baby!" The baby in question is, of course, Arlene's baby Mikey. Ball seemed taken aback by that, and is quick to state that it is the doll Jessica gave him that is evil. "We will find out what it is about that doll that makes it creepy," he says. "And it's something very creepy when you find out what it is." You mean, it is not the fact that it is a dirty, decrepit, dead-eyed doll that makes it creepy?

Things are apparently going to get even dirtier in Bon Temps. I have not read the books, but Ball promises that the much-talked-about Eric-Sookie shower scene from the books will make its way onto the screen. "It may be weirder and dirtier." Remember Claudette? Sookie's here one minute, dead the next fairy godmother? Ball says if you have read the books, fairies are born in identical litters. In other words, expect to see Claudette 2.0 before the season is out.

One audience member noted that the TV series is burning through the books faster than one per season. Ball isn't worried; he says the show will become less and less like the books as the "seasons" progress. It sounds like Ball wants to ride this pony into the ground. Hooray!

Interestingly, Ball gave away almost as much about season five as he did for season four. It won't be until season five that we see how Eric became Pam's maker. Also central in the as-yet-not-officially-ordered season five will be Hooligans. In the books, it is a male strip joint. In the TV show, "it may not have the same name, but there will be a business venture that involves people of both sexes taking their clothes off for some kind of supernatural purpose in Season 5." Ball is hesitant to call them ghosts, but says that there will be "spirits without bodies." He and the other producers are already researching storylines for next season, as well as "supernatural creatures you may not have seen before."