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News Article

Bone Chilling Video Captures Screaming Ghost in Haunted Hotel Room


Screaming ghost

On September 14th, 2003, several different guests at Illinois' Wingate Hotel placed phone calls to the front desk, reporting blood-curdling screams coming from a room on the 2nd floor of the building. It wasn't the first time strange noises had been heard on that floor, and most of the guests who have phoned the reports in have stated that the screams were specifically coming from room #209 - the Wingate's answer to the Overlook Hotel's room #237.

On this particular night, however, one of the security managers of the hotel investigated the reports, and security cameras documented his every move as he approached and then entered the infamous room #209. Nobody was staying in that room at the time, though the sights and sounds recorded on the cameras would have you thinking otherwise.

Check out the bone chilling video below, which has just surfaced on the internet. And don't blame us if you find yourself unable to fall asleep tonight!

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