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News Article

Bousman Harvests ‘Corn’ Rumors


From Bousman's Myspace

“Ok... So lets start off with NO - I am not doing Children of the Corn... Yes - it is true I love the movie... Yes, it is true I once pretended to be Malachi running around the corn fields of Kansas City - but NO I will not be 'helming' the remake.

So on the topics of remakes - lets discuss... My opinion is 99.9% of remakes makes me vomit in my mouth a little bit. There are however in my opinion exceptions... As you all know by now I am attached to SCANNERS... that is indeed true. I approached Scanners the way I do with all remakes someone comes to me with... I vomited in my mouth a little bit... Then - I started thinking about it... I spoke to David Goyer... Then suddenly I woke up and the vomit taste gone - and now it had been replaced with the fresh taste of Listerine. Goyer is genius and has a crazy take on it.

It is not my intention to simply remake Cronenberg - - how can anyone 'remake' Cronenberg? I think that mere statement is sac-religious in and of itself.

No remake should just be a 'remake' but a 're-envisioning'. If you want to see the original go to Blockbuster and rent it.

Now - since we are on the topics of re-envisioning - lets talk about two movies I would LOVE to 're-envision

****Leprechaun - - I am not joking! I have seriously begged Lionsgate to let me direct the next Leprechaun movie... LEPRECHAUN IN THE OLD WEST!!! Seriously - think about - - The Lep in the colorado gold rush! DO YOU HEAR ME PETE BLOCK! Let me do this!!!

****Flowers in the attic... if you question this choice just go read the book...

Ok... time to get back to SAW IV!"