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'Brütal Legend' Gamers Make Air-Guitar History

Jack Black-starring video game Brütal Legend can add another notch to its already impressive advance rep: according to, over four hundred air-guitar aces have landed themselves in the Guinness Book after turning out in literally record numbers at the UK Download Festival last weekend, where they showed off their pseudo-shredding skills in support of the game. Find out how they pulled off (and hammered on) this impressive performance after the jump!

GameZone reports that a total of 440 fans encircled the EA trailer at Download to riff along with MotÖrhead’s “Ace of Spades,” vying for a chance to win an official Tenacious D guitar. An official from the Guinness Book of World Records noted the number of participants, which totally blew away the previous world record of 318 air-guitarists performing at once.

According to Christian Stevenson of metal station Kerrang FM – who led the congregation of imaginary axe-wielders: "That was one of the raddest jams I've ever been involved with. The crowd played their air guitars better than Eddie Van Halen! Then they destroyed 'em good and proper. Who cares, right? They can go to the air guitar shop and get another one.”