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News Article

'Brütal Legend' - Now with 100% Less Dio

If, like me, you were wondering why the once-promised voice of Ronnie James Dio seemed strangely absent from all of the recent Brütal Legend press material, there’s a sad reason for that.  According to the guys over at Blabbermouth, all of Dio’s contributions have been cut from the game.  More info, including some good news on another confirmed cast member, after the break.

One can’t help but wonder of the dropping of Dio has any relation to the recent Ozzy Osbourne lawsuit against Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi over use of the Sabbath trademark.  On a more positive note, despite the Dio-lessness of the game, good news arrives in the addition of Tim Curry to the cast, reportedly to replace Dio. I’d say that the man who played Pennywise and Darkness is pretty damn metal!

Brütal Legend is out Rocktober 13th for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3