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News Article

In Brazil: Cloudy with 100 Percent Chance of Spiders



This story goes out to anyone who's been complaining about the winter weather this month: you know the saying “There's always someone worse off than you?” Well, if you're currently living in Brazil, you just might be that someone... especially if you've got even a slight case of arachnophobia. 
It turns out that a certain breed of spider has been literally falling from the skies in the Brazilian town of Santo Antônio da Platina. The Social Spider gets its name from the way the beasties work together to catch prey by weaving “sheet webs,” which stretch across trees as a kind of net. Well, this week some of the spiders have relocated from trees to telephone poles, and they've been dropping on the heads of the locals. We're not talking little tiny spiders either... these suckers are big enough to freak you the hell out.
Here's a video of the spider downpour (which will have you swatting at your head all day long), shot by Santo Antônio da Platina resident Eric Reis. Enjoy your nightmares!