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Breaking Benjamin Gets 'Altered' in New Game

Alt-metal combo Breaking Benjamin have come up with a cool retro-geek twist to promote their upcoming album Dear Agony  – this week they launched an online flash video game based on the Sega classic Altered Beast, replacing the game’s monster-battling hero with a 16-bit version of frontman Benjamin Burnley. Find out more about the game and their upcoming release after the jump!

In an homage to the Sega Genesis original, Altered Benjamin pits Burnley against hideous hordes of demons, ghouls and other supernatural creatures, with power-ups that transform the character into a super-Benjamin, and play levels climaxing in battles with other members of the band. The game is accompanied by three different songs from Dear Agony, including first single I Will Not Bow (which premiered late last month), plus the tracks Crawl and Fade Away.

This isn’t the group’s first entry into the video game world; their song Blow Me Away made an appearance in Halo 2, and Polyamorous can be heard in the 2002 third-person shooter Run Like Hell.

Dear Agony is slated for release next Tuesday, but you can play the game right now at this link, and you can watch the video for I Will Not Bow at the band’s official MySpace.