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News Article

Breaking News! First Hints at 'True Blood' Season 4!


Alan Ball and crew are notoriously stingy about giving away any hints for upcoming episodes of True Blood.  With season four still months away, naturally I - and everyone at Paleyfest tonight - were foaming at the mouth for something - anything - we could look forward to.  After the jump, we will share what little there is to share.

The most exciting part was that Ball brought along a brief clip from the season premiere.  In it, Jessica and Hoyt are leaving Fangtasia and are greeted by a group of protesters.  They hurl insults at the couple - "fang banger" and "vampire whore."  When one of the protestors hits Hoyt, he fires back and an all-out brawl erupts.  Pam is there, and she prevents Jessica from joining the fray, noting that a protester was recording the whole thing.

Yep, it's not much, but it is something.

What else?  Alan Ball did reveal that we will meet "some new witches, new vampires, new humans, a new werewolf, and a child."  Earlier in the night Todd Lowe revealed that his character Terry and Arlene will be parents this season, and she will give birth within the first few episodes. As for animal actors, Ball said to look out for "a gator, a rattlesnake, and an attack owl."

With four episodes shot, Sookie has kissed two different people - so far.  You can bet one of them is not Bill, who Ball promises won't be forgiven any time soon.  Ball does say, definitively, that Russell will be back, and Gary Cole (American Gothic, Office Space) will guest star the season opener.

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