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Brilliant Video Mashes Together Carrie and Cinderella


A young girl is abused by an evil woman all day, and banished to a cold and lonely room at night.  After being taunted by her peers, the ugly duckling is transformed into a beautiful princess, attending the ball and winning over a handsome prince.  Is this the story of Carrie, or the classic tale of Cinderella?  Hard to tell, isn't it?

While a horror movie and an animated Disney film may seem beyond compare, the fact of the matter is that the two stories are actually quite similar in many ways - to the point that Stephen King considers Carrie to be his version of Cinderella.  I suppose it was only natural then that someone would come along and mash the stories together, which is precisely what someone has in fact just done.

Hot on the heels of the theatrical release of Carrie's third outing comes an expertly edited together video that combines audio from the trailer of the film with clips from Disney's Cinderella, which go together a whole lot better than you might think.  Check out the mashup below, and prepare to never be able to look at Cinderella the same way again!