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News Article

British Town is Being Terrorized By an Evil Clown


The small British town of Northampton is being terrorized by an evil clown. For clarification, the clown hasn't actually done anything evil, other than exist. He is not violent, and there haven't been any reports of him doing anything illegal. He just shows up around town, stands there, and smiles evilly. Sometimes he has balloons. Somehow, I think that a guy just standing around, dressed as a clown, and watching, is way scarier than if he were chasing people with a butcher knife.

Thankfully, the internet has not only given us the news about an evil clown in a far-off country, but brought us a hashtag (#northamptonclown) and horrifying photos:





So if you are in Northampton, please be careful. This clown could scare the life out of you.