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Brotha Lynch Hung Retuns in 'Krocadil'


Brotha Lynch Hung

A couple of weeks ago FEARnet premiered the music video for Brotha Lynch Hung's “Meat Cleaver,” the latest chapter in the brutal and bloody saga of Lynch's serial killer persona “Coathanga Strangla” – a struggling rap artist who tries to balance a musical career with his sadistic night job. The latest installment “Krocadil' finds the Hanga in a mad panic as he desperately tries to clean up the aftermath of his latest project, while the shadows of his troubled life begin to catch up with him...

Is this the end of the line for the Hanga? We won't know until the final chapter of the Hanga trilogy Mannibalector hits the streets next Tuesday, Febuary 5th. Stay tuned for our review... and more!
Lynch Mannibalector