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Bruce Dickinson's 'Crowley' is Coming!


March 10th will see the Starz/Anchor Bay DVD release of Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson's highbrow horror film Crowley, co-written by the metal legend with Monty Python editor Julian Doyle (who also directs) under the UK title Chemical Wedding – although the working title was The Number of the Beast (after Maiden's classic tune, of course).

The film, which premiered in Europe last Spring, tells the tale of a modern-day computer genius (played by Simon Callow) who becomes possessed by the notorious real-life mystic and hedonist Aleister Crowley. A man of immense intellect and insatiable appetites who once dubbed himself “The Beast,” the legendary real-life figure of Crowley not only motivated Dickinson to write a movie about him, but also served as creative inspiration to music icons like Jimmy Page (who bought Crowley's house), John Lennon (who wanted Crowley's image on the Sgt. Pepper cover) and Ozzy Osbourne (who dedicated a song to him).

In two separate interviews posted yesterday on, Dickinson explains key events in the life of Crowley, whom he dubs “the original rock star,” and describes the film as “Harry Potter for adults,” or “[like] The DaVinci Code, but good.” Doyle also tells a fascinating and totally offensive story about how to cast a spell using a just fax machine and a bowl of... well, I can't really write what he says here, but it's definitely worth hearing if you're fairly open-minded. All I know is I have got to see this movie now.