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Brutal Lineup for "Orphan Killer" Soundtrack

Upcoming indie gore flick The Orphan Killer has been generating some web buzz lately, thanks to a growing Facebook presence and a viral promo campaign suggesting that the film is based on the exploits of a real-life maniac. In a recent announcement, the film's director Matt Farnsworth announced the lineup of hard rock and metal bands contributing to the soundtrack, and we've got the complete list below the fold, as well as more details about the movie – including the splattery NSFW trailer. Hit the jump and find out!

The grim tale of masked madman Marcus Miller, The Orphan Killer focuses on his psychotic obsession with tracking down and punishing his estranged sister – who may have homicidal tendencies of her own. Farnsworth describes the project as “a tour de force murder flick that defies classification,” and promises to go “far beyond current trends in gore.” That's a pretty big boast, considering all the boundaries being smashed in the genre lately, but when the movie hits DVD and Blu-ray this Valentine's Day you'll get to find out for yourself.

The soundtrack from Bullet Tooth Records – which will be bundled with the movie as a bonus CD and sold individually via Facebook – does look promising for extreme-music fans, as it features new and rising artists like FEARnet fave Dawn Of Ashes and San Francisco hardcore unit First Blood (who contributed three tracks and supplied the film's opening theme).

Here's the complete tracklist:

First Blood – “First Blood”
Affiance – “Nostra Culpa”
Asking Alexandria – “Someone, Somewhere”
Deception Of A Ghost – “These Voices”
Anew Revolution – “Head Against the Wall”
This Or The Apocalypse – “Charmer”
Most Precious Blood – “A Danger to Myself and Others”
A Bullet For Pretty Boy – “The Deceiver”
Dawn Of Ashes – “Seething the Flesh in the River of Phlegethon”
First Blood – “Conflict”
Born Of Osiris – “Follow the Signs”
No Bragging Rights – “Death of an Era”
First Blood – “Execution”

Check out the axe-swinging action in this NSFW Orphan Killer trailer...