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News Article

Brutals! New DETHKLOK CD in the Works!


Brendan Small, metal mastermind, comedy genius and creator of Metalocalypse, the greatest cartoon in the history of... well, ever... announced that he's returning to the studio to work on an all-new collection of songs from the show's animated (and virtual) band, Dethklok. Hear more in their creator's own words... and sorta something like an update from frontman Nathan Explosion after the jump!

In a blog entry transcribed (well... you know) from a message on Nathan's “dethphone,” the vocalist declares: “Hey. f**kers... We're currenltyl doihgfg overdfubs for he next record that shouldsd be out this Fall... it's going to be more brutaler and epic-er than99 the last one. .. f**kng serious&... Bt get f**king ready!!!!... f**kc.”

I'm not even going to bother editing that for clarity. Come to think of it, that's actually more coherent than Nathan usually gets on the show.

But seriously folks... the follow-up to the smash hit CD Dethalbum will likely be accompanied by a second Dethklok tour; the original featured Small joined onstage by a “virtual band” comprised of other talented musicians (including legendary metal drummer Gene Hoglan) to double for the depraved, thick-headed cartoon metallers, playing to sold-out crowds across the country.

“One of the coolest things I think about the live show is... you get the metal audience, and then you get this whole new audience of people who are very curious about metal, and just know the show,” Brendan said in an Adult Swim interview. “It's really fun to see the audience know the words to the songs, and to take it for what it's worth – take it as fake-seriously as they want to, or get excited about it, or they can point and laugh... it doesn't matter... it's like a Disneyland ride, but with murder.”

As die-hard fans already know, Small actually records the majority of Dethklok's parts himself (apart from contributions session musicians), including Skwiisgaar's impossibly fast shredding technique: “If I had it to do over again... I'd make him the slowest, most tasteful, sloppy guitarist,” he confesses. “The fast stuff, why did I do that?” And of course, he also provides Nathan's gravelly death-metal vocals: “I think it's easier to do that than to sing high notes,” he admits. “I think your voice is actually relaxed more.”

Small admits he actually finds recording and playing with the band more satisfying: “If the show ever were to go away, I could kinda keep this entity alive,” he admits. “It's a lot cheaper to make a record than it is to make a TV show.”