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'Buffy' Star Charisma Carpenter Gets 'Deadly'


Soon to join the likes of Dead Ringers and Sisters on the list of the finest films ever made about twins is... Deadly Sibling. Then again, maybe not. In fact, based on star Charisma Carpenter's post-Buffy and Angel filmography, it'll probably be less frightening than The Parent Trap. But the Charisma-curious among you can check out the film's poster, unveiled at this week's American Film Market, after the jump.

Shock Till You Drop nabbed the following image, as well as this synopsis...

Identical twins Janna and Callie have always had a sibling rivalry competing for their father's love. After a horrific climbing accident kills their father, the twins grow further apart and carry out their lives in the wake of the tragedy. Janna gets married and has a daughter while Callie floats from one job to the next, getting tangled in illegal dealings. After a near fatal crash puts Janna into a coma, Callie secretly steals her sister's identity in an attempt to start over with a new life and keep her sister out of her way. Callie stops at nothing to seek revenge on a sister that has always had the seemingly better life.