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Bunnies Attack FEARNET! Check Out Our 2013 Shorts Lineup


Bunnies PA

Today we rolled out a new installment of Jennifer Shiman's hilarious 30-Second Bunnies Theatre animated series, this one made exclusively for But that's just the beginning of what we've got lined up for you in 2013. Not only is Shiman producing several more episodes just for us, we've also got a massive lineup of over thirty new entries for our shorts collection, hailing from filmmakers all over the globe. 

Shiman first began animating the Bunnies shorts in 2004 with a dead-on Exorcist parody, which became a runaway online hit and a horror fan favorite. “The Exorcist is one of my favorite horror movies,” she explains, “and I always had an interest in cartoons and animation. The idea of bunnies came about because I wanted to find a character that would lend itself to a short film synopsis.” The rest is viral video history, and now she's bringing her creations straight to our ever-expanding gallery of short-form horror. Her first segment for us finds the bunnies taking on the found-footage genre in a parody of Paranormal Activity.

Future installments will include riffs on The Last Exorcism, The Human Centipede and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. “Each new movie [parody] is another adventure,” says Shiman. “I really enjoyed working with FEARnet to bring this series to life.” You can see more of her mini-classics at, and be sure to give her a Like on and follow @thebunnies and @jennifershiman on Twitter.

Other shorts coming this year include the post-apocalyptic zombie romance I Love Sarah Jane from Spencer Susser (Hesher); Sexy Nightmare Slayers from Adam Green (Holliston) and Rileah Vanderbilt (Hatchet III); horror comedy Him Indoors by Reece Shearsmith (Psychoville); Star Wars-themed comedy Say It Ain't Solo, with an all-star cast featuring Jason Alexander, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Christopher Lloyd, Malin Ã…kerman and Joe Mantegna; and creepy fest favorite Follow the Sun! from creative team MK12. These and many more will be added every other week and can be viewed at