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Busy Weekend for the Winchester Boys! New 'Supernatural' Clips!


It’s going to be a really busy weekend for those hot-pants Winchester boys of Supernatural! With Jensen Ackles starring in the 3D Patrick Lussier remake of George Mihalka’s My Bloody Valentine in theaters this weekend, and Jared Padalecki ramping up Platinum Dunes Friday the 13th remake promotion for its appropriate theatrical release on Friday, February 13th it’s almost easy to forget that a new episode of Supernatural hits the CW tonight! But how could we forget? Since it’s only a matter of time (we assume) until Harry Warden slices Jensen and Jason Voorhees dices Jared. Take a gander at the Supernatural brothers in our new clips before they fall victims to the slasher remakes of 2009. To watch tonight’s episode of Supernatural, check your local listings and get a sneak peak from our  Supernatural clips, Family Remains Clip 1 and Family Remains Clip 2.