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Buy This Treasure From the Ice Truck Killer


Keen-eyed viewers will remember that in this week's episode of Dexter, the website Ryan sold the Ice Truck Killer hand on was Well, now you too can log on to and buy your own piece of Ice Truck killer-abilia. More after the jump. takes you to a selection of Ice Truck Killer-specific memorabilia - almost all of which is new in the Showtime shop. Clicking on an item will take you directly to Showtime's site, where you can actually buy a fingertip paperweight or, my favorite, an Ice Truck Killer "thumb drive."

I love easter eggs and viral marketing, but I have to say, Showtime could have done a little more with this concept. If you click on Rollergurl's username, you should get Ryan's profile. The Buy This Treasure motif should go a couple layers deeper. But it's still a pretty cool little easter egg.