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News Article

'Camera Obscura' Game Coming to Android and iOS


Last year's Camera Obscura was a unique treat: a dark, creature-filled webseries that looked like something far better than you would expect from its Dailymotion distribution.  Now, one year later, the series is being revisited with a game for Android and iOS.  More details and a teaser trailer after the break.

Based on the series created by Drew Daywalt in which a young woman discovers—and takes on—her grandfather's demon-hunting legacy, the Camera Obscura game will incorporate music and video from the series into its gameplay and provide fans the opportunity to guide its characters through the series' twisted environments.  Afther the initial release for phones, MWG Entertainment plans to release the game specially formatted for Apple's iPad tablet.

Camera Obscura will be released October 18th, 2011 for Android and iOS platforms.