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News Article

Cannibalism Has Never Looked Scarier Than With These Chocolate Infant Heads


I'm sure there are some parents out there who couldn't fathom eating a baby's head - even if it is 100% chocolate. Personally, I can't imagine eating these baby heads because they are so damn creepy. Seriously. Looking like undead versions of the kids from Village of the Damned, these heads are made of solid white chocolate and are about the same size as an average newborn's head.

They look delicious, but deadly. I'm not sure what looks creepier: the cataract-glazed eyes; skin almost completely devoid of color; or the weird, squished, mottled shape of the heads. These do not appear to be available for sale anywhere, which is just as well: eating one may cause you to become a possessed zombie-ghost baby.

Conjurer's Kitchen via Eat Your Heart Out