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News Article

Capcom Teases Us With Even More 'RE5' Screenshots


I guess Capcom has some strange phobia of having hard drive space free on their servers, as they have put out 21 more massive screenshots of their upcoming Resident Evil 5, showcasing the decidedly…weird direction the series is taken.  Seeing as how we’re no longer dealing with the T-Virus, RE5 decides to cram its African levels with guys on dirt bikes, dogs with splitting heads, and the kookiest giant bat-rat-spider thing since Angry Red Planet.

Not that I’m unhappy with the holiday game lineup for 2008 (it’s the best in years), but why isn’t this game out by now?  By the time the game is released, there’ll be enough screenshots and info to stitch together a playthrough a la London After Midnight. 

Check out the new screens at Capcom’s own Unity Blog!