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Carpathian Forest's Vrangsinn Explores Fear Through Art

Daniel Vrangsinn – best known for his work as bassist for notorious Norwegian black metal outfit Carpathian Forest – examines the many facets of fear in his upcoming solo album Phobia, and plans on introducing the new music to the world in a very unique way: as part of an occult-themed art exhibit opening in Norway this Friday the 13th. Read on to learn more about Vrangsinn and other unique talents as they prepare to delve into the blackest of arts...

Vrangsinn will premiere Phobia this Friday at the Kurant Gallery in Tromsø, Norway, as part of "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Key to the World," a multimedia exhibit (the title of which is inspired by infamous occultist Aleister Crowley) showcasing the works of eight artists who take their inspiration from satanic and occult themes. The works range from the traditional painting, photography and sculpture to high-tech media installations...

Vrangsinn will not only be presenting the sounds of Phobia, but will also screen a series of experimental videos to accompany each track.

"I have always seen art as having no boundaries,” Vrangsinn writes on his official MySpace, “and with Phobia I was trying to do something that, although it has music as its core, also encompasses other mediums.” Vrangsinn said he was surprised to be approached by the exhibit organizers, but soon realized the show fit perfectly with his concept of “making art limitless.”

"I doubt if many albums have been previewed as an actual exhibit and it seemed like the ideal situation in which to debut Phobia,” he continues, “as it is so much more than a straightforward musical project."

Vrangsinn will soon be releasing Phobia as a free download later this year  through his own label, Misantrof.