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Casper the Friendly AND Nutritional Ghost

As much as I love me a big bowl of Boo Berry every October, it would be a nice to have another ghost-themed breakfast option. After all, we live in America -- the land of a thousand cereals! That's why I'm fascinated to learn that Casper the Friendly Ghost almost had his very own cereal called "Post Ghosties," back in 1968. Animatics (filmed storyboards used in producing animation) for a planned TV commercial for this could-have-been-awesome treat have just surfaced online. Check them out after the jump.

Maybe it's for the best that Casper's Post Ghosties were never made. That jingle would have rotted your brain far worse than the cereal would have destroyed your teeth. (Thanks to Cartoon Brew for bringing this Freakysh!t Find to my attention.)