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News Article

C/A/T Prepares to Pounce!

Fresh off a successful tour with cult aggro-tech artist Unter Null, the dark experimental-industrial group known as C/A/T returned to the studio to work on their new CD Chaos and Terror, which is now on track for release this August from indie label Crunch Pod. Hit the link and find out more about their devious plan for world domination…

C/A/T founder and producer Ben Arp has revealed plenty of details about Chaos and Terror on the band’s MySpace. Arp has described the new album as “darker than previous C/A/T releases… the last 18 months of my life have been incredibly rough and depressing and this album captures those emotions I've felt quite well."

On his most recent blog post, Arp also mapped out a new release strategy: “We're doing it a bit differently this time around,” he explains. “We're going to be submitting the album to digital distribution (i.e. iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc.) the minute we have a final master. This means it will be at the whims of the various digital sites and could be available as early as a month before the official release date.” He credits this accelerated method to his impatience after having to push the album’s release back from early ’09 to late summer. He also said that the first 100 pre-orders of the physical CD will received a signed copy, as well as a link to the MP3 version of the album.

After that, the band has scheduled a US “In Chaos We Trust” tour to kick off shortly after the album’s debut. They will be joined by their Crunch Pod label-mates [syndika:zero], whose own new album Blindness is due for release this July. As if that weren’t keeping him busy enough, Arp has also launched a C/A/T spinoff project entitled Captive Six, whose new digital EP Noizemaker will be coming out in June.