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News Article

Catch Satanic Sorority Indie 'Alpha Girls' on its Winter Tour


Alpha Girls is a delightful pact-with-Satan sorority girls flick. Written and directed by Tony Torv and Johnny Zito, Alpha Girls tells the story of an inexplicably powerful sorority where the bodies of dead pink-sweater clad pledges keep piling up. One of girls hoping to pledge makes a little pact with the devil and, of course, she just happens to be the biggest bitch in the house. She goes on a bloody power trip and coeds die in varied and creative ways. The movie makes some fun nods to classic satanic flicks and boasts cameos by Ron Jeremy and Schoolly D.

If you are in Philadelphia, catch a screening Sunday, December 9 before it goes on a 30-city tour. The dates are below the trailer. Check the Alpha Girls site for full summary and specifics on screening locations.

1/23  WD: Wilmington, DE
1/24 & nbsp;TH: Baltimore, MD
1/25  FR: Washington DC
1/26  ST: Richmond, VA
1/27 SN: DAY OFF
1/28  MN: Durham, NC
1/29  TU: Raleigh, NC
1/30  WD: Chapel Hill, NC
1/31  TH: Wilmington, NC
2/1   FR: Charleston, SC
2/2   ST: Savannah, GA
2/3   SN: DAY OFF
2/4   MN: Athens, GA
2/5   TU: Atlanta, GA
2/6   WD: Chattanooga, TN
2/7   TH: Knoxville, TN
2/8   FR: Nashville, TN
2/9   ST: Louisville, KY
2/10  SN: DAY OFF
2/11  MN: Bloomington, IN
2/12  TU: Indianapolis, IN  
2/13  WD: Greencastle, IN
2/14  TH: West LaFayette, IN
2/15  FR: Fort Wayne, IN
2/16  ST: Chicago, IL
2/17  SN: DAY OFF
2/18  MN: Muncie, IN
2/19  TU: Cincinnati, OH
2/20  WD: Dayton, OH
2/21  TH: Columbus, OH
2/22  FR: Athens, OH
2/23  ST: Pittsburgh, PA
2/24  SN: Harrisburg, PA