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Celebrate Krampus Night with Creepy Bavarians on Parade


Rammstein, Hasselhoff, Blutwurst.  The Germans have worshiped some strange things in their day, but perhaps none so disturbing as Krampus.

In case you are unfamiliar with Krampus here’s a little background: He’s basically St. Nick’s evil cousin who sets about the earth bestowing punishment on all the bad children. Punishment depends on the lore, but often involves drowning or snacking on the offending tyke.

This cautionary character dates back to pre-Christian tradition but the more modern version taken from Germanic folklore depicts a man with hooves, long pointy tongue and the horns of a goat. The night before the St. Nicholas day is Krampus’ time to shine and today many Germans and Austrians look to their pagan roots, put on some shaggy pants, a pair of horns and take to the streets to light fire and prance around.

Honestly, not too much different than a Rammstein show.

Thanks to a history rooted in Mad King Ludwig's decadence, the Bavarians know a thing or two about over-the-top revelry and their Krampus parade is no exception.

via The Local