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Celldweller's 'Blackstar 01' Rises!

Klayton of Celldweller – whom we recently featured as one of genre cinema's musical “secret weapons” – has been mercilessly teasing fans about the imminent arrival of Wish Upon a Blackstar, his new experimental multi-part album to be released in separate installments beginning in two more weeks. The first single from Chapter 01, entitled Louder Than Words, is now up on the official Celldweller site, and Klayton's got a few things to say about what's coming next. Read some of those elusive details below the fold!

The man behind Celldweller revealed on his official “Klog” that Blackstar 01
would drop “like an old man's trousers at a colonoscopy” (nice image, Klay) on August 25th, and will feature vocal and instrumental arrangements of Louder Than Words as well as the second single So Long Sentiment. The total content of the first installment clocks in at roughly 11 minutes, but those who spring for the expanded edition will also get a collection of Celldweller demos recorded at different stages during the recording of Blackstar “for those peeps who want to hear where these songs came from to how they ultimately ended up.”

A more recent Klayton update revealed the righteous cover art (shown above), and hinted that an expanded PDF accompanying the album download would feature at least 15 pieces of fan-submitted artwork as well. The full track of Louder Than Words is available today on Celldweller's official site, so be sure to check it out!